SBS Showroom

Beyond OOf branded products OOf offers services in research and development responding to client briefs or initiating own projects and licensing to established manufacturers.

Current research looks at the role of physical workplace environments and products in view of the impact of automation and AI on work. Environments and products that encourage creativity and enable the sharing of knowledge while fostering a sense of belonging to a community are key to establishing human roles which are enhanced and not threatened by technology. This is complementary to wider policy issues and ideas which are being publicly debated such as lifelong learning, Universal Basic Income, the robot tax and more.

In one of our manufacturing client projects we responded to a brief for the education sector by developing and licensing a range of furniture which empowers university students and knowledge workers by encouraging original thought and enabling meaningful interactions. In parallel, our collaborative research with innovation agencies points at ways in which organisations can grow and effect positive change by developing internally the culture and mechanisms that will enable all types of employees to contribute and flourish.

We are interested in the alignment of the needs, aspirations and skills of workers with the goals and responsibilities of organisations in order to deliver individual fulfilment and wider positive impact in an accountable, sustainable and commercially rewarding way.