OOf designs and produces furniture that revolutionises flexible working with mobile devices in offices and public spaces.

The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets in combination with cloud computing allows people to work from anywhere at anytime and makes it possible for corporations to dramatically improve efficiencies.

According to Cisco companies can gain an additional £1,000 per mobile employee per year through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) implementation which touches at least 250m workers globally.

OOf’s original product, the OOf Box, helps organisations to implement comprehensive BYOD and Cloud Computing strategies, delivering benefits of higher productivity, lower costs and key employee retention.

OOf Box

Anywhere, Anytime

reduce self-consciousness during calls

Space to Talk

privacy for office workers

Out of Office

escape traditional office workstations


through different work modes

Clare Antoniou
, Centre Manager, Westbourne & Canalot Studios,
We love the OOF Box at Westbourne Studios it’s great to be able to have a private conversation in a buzzing space’